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COX Research provides excellent quality market research fieldwork solutions and support services to the global Marketing Research industry. Quality is at the heart of our entire array of business activities and our location in UAE gives us an added advantage in providing supreme world class market research and fieldwork solutions world widely. Through our extensive experience and top notch expertise in the field, we have built a strong reputation among UAE research companies for the spectrum of services we offer and the attention we pay to their exact need. Our clients value our research expertise, infrastructure, technical expertise and need based advice. Our team is composed of market research professionals who are committed to ensure the highest standard of work within scheduled time and without overshooting the budget. With our client-focused approach we have been able to offer proactive Market Research services that include


Telephone Interviews

Our telephonic services are a boost to our overall market research professionals. The in-house tele-caller department comprises ten full time executives who are provided with modern equipment calling facilities. The spectrum of services also encompasses customer loyalty programs and customer satisfaction studies that determine the consumer's response to product array. The ambit of services also includes setting up appointments with eminent personalities of the society in serving our partner's needs. "Our telephony outsourcing services are meant for getting the feedback from the customers" i.e. either for finding satisfaction with products or services or their complaints pertaining to the same in order to address the loopholes and improve further..

Personal Interviews

Face-to-Face interview is one of most effective methods of data collection in any type of research work. We have global field research professionals who are trained as per the industry standards. All of them successfully complete projects for us on regular basis. The professionals are expert in conducting street interviews, in-home interviews and exit interviews.

Depth Interviewss

With years of experience in accompanied shopping, we also conduct in-depth one-on-one interviews across various business and consumer sectors. The prominent techniques used in conducting the interviews are:

Group Discussions

The recruitment of respondents is at the soul of market research industry and this fact becomes evident in a group discussion. Our rich experience in Market Research Fieldwork Solutions, and our inclination toward perfection has helped us build a large client base in the Middle East and other geographic landscape. Techniques used include:

Field Work Audit

Of all the tools available for continuous improvement, undertaking quality audits is by far the best methodology for a company to ascertain that its quality system is adequate and effective. We consider quality audit as a regulatory obligation to ensure compliance with the globally accepted standards and needed requirements in achieving the goals in Market Research Fieldwork Solutions.

Hall Tests / Central Location Tests

Cox-Research professionals are familiar to prominent high street locations in UAE and other Middle East countries. A trained deputy operates under each supervisor that puts us in an advantageous position to conduct lots of halls simultaneously.